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Sarah Fink focuses her practice on all types of intellectual property (IP) litigation, protection, transfer and licensing for patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, false advertising, and rights of publicity and privacy. Sarah’s practice particularly focuses on the unique areas of IP that arise in the online context.

Street artist Alessia Babrow has sued the Vatican, alleging that the Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City State copied her artwork without her permission and reprinted it as a stamp. The art was a painting of Jesus by nineteenth-century artist Heinrich Hofmann, to which Ms. Babrow had added the slogan “just use it.” Besides neglecting to request Ms. Babrow’s permission, the Vatican allegedly only credited Hofmann, and not Ms. Babrow, for the derivative work. Ms. Babrow is seeking approximately $160,000 in damages and reportedly turned down a private visit with the Pope in favor of continuing her lawsuit.
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